Welcome to RF-Lambda. RF-Lambda is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and internationally renowned company specialized in the development and manufacture of high-quality microwave products for the wireless infrastructure, satellite communications, medical, consumer product, and defense sectors. Our product lines include passives components such as circulator, isolator, attenuator, termination, coupler, hybrid, power divider, filter, duplexer and adapters, also active components (RF switches, low noise amplifier, power amplifier, digital attenuator, phase shifter, power detector, limiter and block up/down converters, all available in waveguide packages.
May 14, 2016
Partnership with Rohde & Schwarz, RF-Lambda is going to attend IM2016 in Moscone Center in San Francisco 24-26 May.

May 2, 2015
RF-Lambda release a series of high power GaN Amplifier System (ITAR) to cover X, K, Ku and Ka band for Missile Defense Applications.

July 29, 2014
Rohde & Schwarz and RF-Lambda RF Measurement joint press release for Vector Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer Solve Measurement Challenges at RF-Lambda

Nov 4, 2013
RF-Lambda announces release of its new 84-100GHz wide band amplifier product series. It has been successfully deployed on customer site.

June 30, 2013
Joint product development and press release with Triquint for designing the next generation of GaN (Gallium Nitride) wide band power amplifiers and high power GaN switches.

April 20, 2013
RF-Lambda announces its $2 million investment for research and development of deep space RF components packaging process pushing frequency boundaries up to 120GHZ.

March 23, 2013
RF-Lambda is proud to announce the opening of our new R&D Center in San Diego CA, specializing in Defense & Aerospace qualified product.

October 02, 2012
We celebrate 5 years of continuous business with NSCL (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory) in providing them with super high power circulators.

September 22, 2011
RF-Lambda works with TE Connectivity in getting RF-Lambda Frequency Multiplexers qualified and implemented into AT&T and Verizon Wirelesses next generation LTE Network.
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