RF-LAMBDA is challenging the boundaries of technology in the wireless market and is a global supplier that develops, manufactures, and distributes RF components across North America, Europe and Asia in the analog wireless networks. We design and manufacture passive and active modules, and RF waveguide components with quality and precision and are passionate about our customers' success. Carefully selected strategic alliances are the driving force behind RF-Lambda's commitment to innovation in manufacturing technology enabling us to offer the broadest product line of high-reliability components available in the industry. We are a responsible partner, neighbor and citizen to the diverse communities and customers we serve. RF-LAMBDA is an approved vendor for leading manufacturers in the military, commercial, and aerospace markets.

Our mission and values are an expression of our purpose and are governed by the highest standards, integrity and accountability to our customers. Telecommunications and space applications are dependent on our products. We are dedicated to meeting the challenges that lie ahead by setting a standard of excellence by providing our customers with high-quality products, solutions through innovative design and customization capabilities with the support of a world-class customer service team.

RF-LAMBDA considers its customers to be more like business partners through the understanding that success comes from diverse ideas. We offer leading-edge technology to support our customers R&D efforts, help solve problems and our unwavering commitment to ensure project success. We strive to meet and exceed standard and performance capabilities with integrity while fostering a collaborative workplace that engages all employees to find solutions for our customer. In-house control of all manufacturing processes insures expeditious processing of all orders from the time it is received to the time it is shipped. Our quality and success results in a large part by the values we derive from vertical integration.

RF-LAMBDA offers one of the most diverse product lines in the wireless industry. We continually set new standards for performance, service, and price while enhancing our rock-solid reputation for reliability.

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