RF and Microwave Module technician
RF and Microwave Module technician


Salary: $36000-50000

Career Level Required: Entry level

Education Required: Associate degree

Resident Status: US citizenship or Permanent Resident Certificate (Green Card) is required

Location: Carrollton,TX or San Diego, CA

Job Duty:
  1. Reads the module design drawing and other documentations from design engineer.
  2. Use Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, power meter for testing of amplifier, switches, digital attenuator and phase shifter. The parameter such as P1dB, P2dB Psat, Noise Figure, Phase noise etc.
  3. Prepares and maintains the tools and material for the implementation of the modules. Always keeps the implementation machines and testing instruments in good working condition.
  4. Implements the microwave modules following the process instruction. The process will involve soldering; die placing; wire bonding; cleaning and shielding.
  5. Tests the modules and verifies the performance. Will use network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, power meter and other microwave test instruments.
  6. Trouble shoots the module if it fails the test.
  7. Manages the inventory and shipment of the production.
  8. Trains the manufacturing workers when the volume goes up

Skill required:
  1. Self motivated and ready to adapt to the pace of fast growing production lines.
  2. The following experience will be a plus for applying this job:
  3. Experience of implementation under micro scope.
  4. Hands on experience on RF/Microwave testing.
  5. Hands on experience on solder.
  6. Hands on experience of wire-bonding.
  7. Experience on running a Lab.